Our Story

A few years ago, I was downing cup after cup of coffee for energy but didn't like the taste or jitters. I made the switch to green tea and learned the benefits of l-theanine when combined with caffeine. I'm a huge snacker, so I started making snacks with green tea caffeine to fuel me through busy work days. Fast forward a few years and hundreds of recipes later, PUFs was born!

At PUFs, we are passionate about reimagining energy and how we consume it.

We’re just getting started, and I’m so excited you’re here. Welcome to the PUFs family!

- Ilene

Delicious, energizing snacks. Without the crash.

Welcome to your new daily treat. PUFs offer the same energy boost as a cup of coffee. Crafted with green tea caffeine, PUFs give you focused, sustained energy without jitters or a crash.