Our Story

A few years ago, I was addicted to coffee…until I landed in the emergency room after downing one too many cups. Luckily, I was okay, but the experience led me to discover green tea caffeine and the power of l-theanine.

I still needed a daily energy boost, without the jitters or anxious feeling. I started tinkering around in my kitchen making energizing treats infused with green tea caffeine. Fast forward a few years and hundreds of recipes later, Power Up Foods was born.

We’re just getting started, and I’m so excited you’re here. Welcome to the PUFs family!

- Ilene

Delicious, energizing snacks. Without the crash.

Welcome to your new daily treat. PUFs offer the same energy boost as a cup of coffee. Crafted with green tea caffeine, PUFs give you focused, sustained energy without jitters or a crash.