Reimagine Energy.

Caffeinated energy bites without jitters.

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Long-Lasting Energy, No Jitters

Each serving of PUFs has 95mg of green tea caffeine, the same as a small cup of coffee.

Caffeine + L-theanine gives you longer lasting energy without the jitters or crash you typically get from coffee.

All-Natural Ingredients

PUFs are made with good-for-you ingredients and are gluten-free and wheat-free.

So you can feel good knowing you're fueling up on good food.

Anytime, Anywhere

PUFs are convenient to take with you on the go for your busy, active lifestyle.

Bring some bites with you wherever you are, whenever you need a quick pick-me-up.

A New Way to Snack

PUFs are infused with 95mg of green tea caffeine to give you sustained, long-lasting energy. Have a bite before or after a workout, as an afternoon pick-me-up in place of coffee, while you're studying...the possibilities are endless!